Grievance and Redressal Cell


The college has set up a Grievance and Redressal cell to resolve student’s complaints in accordance with the policies established by the UGC.

• Grievances (academic or non-academic) can be submitted to the Grievance and Redressal Cell by students. For this purpose, a special box has been set aside.

 •A student who has been victimized can file a complaint online also.

 • After checking the facts, the cell attempts to resolve the grievance within a reasonable time, preferably within a month of receiving the student’s application.

 • When dealing with the complaint, the cell  follows natural justice principles and hear the complainant and concerned people as needed.

 • The cell may recommend any appropriate corrective actions that it seems necessary to avert future occurrences of similar grievances.



 Grievance and Redressal Committee:  

     Dr. Ramesh Kar (Principal, Chairman)

 1. Dr. SukantaMukhopadhyay (Convener) 

 2. Mr. RadhaKanta Sarkar (Member)

 3. Mr. Nagen Murmu (Member)

 4. Mr. Sanjay Sarkar (Member)

 5. Dr. MitaliDey (Member)

 6. Dr. Md Saifuddin(Member)