Popular lecture is organized by Research-Sub-Committee of the College in the Seminar Hall in every month on popular and important recent issues/ topics. The lecture is delivered by the faculty members of different departments of the College.

Lecture for Feb, 2017: "Advanced application of nanotechnology" by Dr. Sovan Kumar Panda, Department of Electonics

Lecture for March, 2017: "Demonitization and its impact on our economy" by Prof. Ratula Chakraborty, Department of Economics

Lecture for April, 2017: "French Revolution" By Dr. Samindra Mohan Biswas, Department of History

Lecture for August, 2017: "White Caller Crime" By Dr. Suvojit Ghosh, Department of Commerce

Lecture for Sept, 2017: "World war II" by Dr. Samindra Mohan Biswas, Department of History

Lecture for Nov, 2017: "Cybernatic Psychology" by Prof. Sanjoy Sarkar, Department of Education

Lecture for March, 2018: "Impact of Internet & social Networking" by Prof. Unmesh Mondal, Department of Computer science

Lecture for July, 2018: "Inter textuality: connecting literatre & cinema" by Prof. P. K. Basu, Department of English

Lecture for the month of August, 2018: :From quarks to the cosmos" by Prof. Soumya Saha, Department of Physics

Lecture for September, 2018: "Geosophy and ecosophy"by Prof. Argha Saha, Department of Geography

Lecture for February, 2019: "An empirical analysis of the Ebola out break in Africa" by Dr. Abdul Khaleque, Department of Physics

Lecture for March, 2019: "Kashmir: where do we go" by Dr. Samindra Mohan Biswas, Department of History

Lecture for August, 2019: "Rabindranath o Swami Vivekananda: Swakhatkar o Samporka" by Prof. Chaitali Ghosh, Department of Philosophy

Lecture for January, 2020: "Dupka Bhasa o Sanskriti" by Dr. Sukanta Mukhopadhyay, Department of Bengali

Lecture for August, 2022: "The Crisis of Human Security in Sri Lanka: Implecations for India", by Prof. Debtanu Majee, Department of Political Science

Lecture for November, 2022: "Urbanization and Contemporary Crisis", by Dr. Mitali Dey, Department of History 

Lecture for February, 2023: “Old Tax Regime vs Revised New Tax Regime: A comparative Analysis with Special Emphasis on Budget 2023-24” by Dr. Subhajit Ghosh, Department of Commerce on 23/02/2023.

Popular Lecture for September, 2023 delivered by Prof. Saptaparna Saha, Assistant Professor, Department of English on “Maritime Outlaws: Literary Representations of 18th Century English Piracy and Trade” on 21/09/2023 at 3PM in the Seminar Hall.