There are some arrangements for indoor games for both the boys and girl students in this college and there is a play ground for outdoor games and sports. Moreover extracurricular activities are arranged under the guidance of the teachers and non-teaching staff of the college. Among the Students’ there are sub-committees for Games and Sports, Common Room, Social Function, College Magazine, Library, Cultural Activities and Social Service etc. Students are encouraged to participate in debates, symposia, lectures, essay competition, creative writing for wall magazines and Annual College Magazine and various cultural competitions and program organized within the college.



The National Service Scheme (NSS) under the auspices of the University of Calcutta was started in the college with effect from April 2000. At present our college possesses 3 units of NSS- two for boys (Day & Evening) and one for girls. By social involvement through various NSS projects and program such as Blood donation camp, Workshop, Seminars on AIDS, Thalassaemia detection Camp, mother-child nutrition development program and Environmental awareness etc. on the College Campus and in the local and adjacent areas, our students are enriched and they work together to build a fraternal society. The participation in the N.S.S. program is always encouraged by the college. One 10.04.2014, there was a "Blood Donation camp" in our college organized by the NSS unit, Apart from these, there are regular social and cultural activities performed by the NSS volunteers.

2. Merit Prizes and Certificates :


Many prizes and certificates are awarded to the students of the college for good results in University Examination and also for good performance in various extra-curricular activities like sports and games, essay competition, quiz, debate, music etc. The following are the prizes based on the result of Part III Exam. Under new 1+1+1 system.

(a) For Honours Students :


For every Honours subject, there are two prizes for obtaining highest and second highest marks (but not less than 50% marks) in Honours subject in the final examination of the University every year. In addition, a prize is awarded to the student obtaining highest marks (but not less than 50% marks) in Honours subject among all the successful Honours student of this college appearing at the Part – III for new Syllabus examination every year.

The above mentioned prizes include the following memorial prizes:

(i) Kamala Memorial Prizes (for obtaining highest marks in Accountancy Honours) donated by Ex. Prof. Niranjan Pal in memory of his mother.
(ii) Santosh Memorial Prize (for obtaining highest marks in English Honours) donated by Ex-Prof. Niranjan Pal in memory of his father.
(iii) Nirmal-Nalini Memorial Prize (for obtaining Highest marks in Bengali Honours) donated by Ex. Prof. Sailesh Biswas in memory of his parents.
(iv) Principal Kanailal Ganguly Memorial Prize (for obtaining highest marks in Political Science Honours) donated by our Ex. Non teaching employee Mr. Tapan Kumar Ganguly in memory of his father and Ex- Principal of this college.
(v) Toppers in other Honours Subject in C.U. Final Examination are also awarded.

(b) For students of General Courses :

For each of the B.A , B.Sc. and B.Com General Courses, prizes are awarded to the students of this college obtaining highest and second highest marks (but not less than 50% marks) in the final examination of the University every year.



The sports Sub-Committee constituted in 1957 has seen some glorious days when sports stalwarts like Sudhir Karmakar, Sisir Ghosh who donned Indian colours in soccer once belonged to our college. In recent times, the college sports Sub-Committee felt proud to be associated with swimming when Chaitali Ghosh earned top spots in aquatics at both the state and national levels. Also, our college earned fame in shooting as well as in rowing when in the 1970s the rowing team of our college became University blues. In cricket, our college reached the semis in the inter-college cricket championship in 2008-9 In 2007-08, our college aquatics team became champion at the All India Inter-University Aquatics Championship. During this period, Badal Burman, a student of our college participated in the State Hockey Championship and got selected. In recent times, Sunita Shaw also participated in the National Hockey Championship trial. In, 2019, our college team became runners up in at All India Inter-University Kabaddi Championship. The sports Sub-Committee looks after the sports activities of the students through out the year and not only conducts annual sports of the college but also inter-class intra-college sports competition every year. Besides, it also send bonafide college students to participate in various sports disciplines like soccer, cricket, Kabaddi, swimming etc. both at the state and national levels where outstanding performances of our students have earned laurels for our college.


In inert-college aquatic championship organized by the Calcutta University, Sri Sayantan Sattwick, Ms Sima Manna and Ms Srabanti Koley from our college participated and they stole the whole show. In the events 200 mts., 100 mts. Free Style (F/S), 200 mts. and 100 mts. Back Stroke (B/S), Sayantan Sattwick came first. In the events 400 mts. F/S, 50 mts. F/S and 200 mts. I/M he stood second. Sri Sattawick occupied third position in 100 mts. B/F and 50 mts. B/F. As a result, he single handedly own the Runners-up position.

In All-India-Inter University Aquatic Championship, Ms Sima Manna came second in 4X100 mts. F/S Relay. She own Gold Medal in 4X200 mts. F/S Relay. Sri Jayanta Modak, a bonafide student of our college, was a member of the Calcutta University Water-Polo team and eventually Calcutta University became the champion in the Water-Polo competition in the current year. Sri Sonu Kumar Ghosh took part in All India University Judo Competition.

4. Laboratory:


The college has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Geography & Computer Science, and Electronics. There is a Nano Science Research Laboratory in the Department of Electronics funded by DST, Govt. of India.

5. Health Services :


With a view to providing medical assistance to our students, our college has been enjoying the registered membership of Students’ Health Home, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-14. The students of the college are entitled to enjoy medical benefits from the Student’s Health Home by producing their current Fee Books and College Identity Card.

6. Counseling :


To help the students regarding academic issues as well as to enable them to withstand various stress provoking social problems counseling by the faculty members is provided.
The college also arranges ‘parent-teacher counseling’ after the result of the annual examination is published to find out whether the parents are aware of the educational performance of their wards.


7. Alumni Association:


There is a registered Alumni Association in the College to join the Association. The authority expects students after passing the final examinations are expected a positive interaction between the present and the past students of the college through this association.

8. Girl’s Common Room :


The college is happy to provide a separate Girls’ Common Room adjacent to the Staff Room with sitting arrangements and Indoor Games Facilities.

9. College Magazine:


The college publishes both Annual College Magazine & Wall Magazine in which the students as well as the staff can exhibit and express their thoughts & aspirations.

10. Playground:


The College has a playground within its Campus. Apart from other outdoor games annual College Sports is held in playground in every academic year.

11. College Canteen:


A canteen provides refreshment to both the students and the staff as a subsidized rate.

12. Women’s Hostel:


Two storied Girl’s Hostel is ready and is in a habitable stage. Roof of the 2nd floor has already been completed. Already several notices have been served inviting application from the girl’s students for occupancy but no such response has been so far received. Very soon the college will once again serve a notice in this regard. Hope a good response will come from the girl’s students.

13.Free Studentship/Financial Assistance :


A limited number of half and full free studentship is granted every year to the poor and meritorious students on the basis of their regular attendance and academic performances of result in every academic session on application to the Principal. Application for such concession in tuition fees must be accompanied by BPL Ration Card or pay Certificate/ Certificate showing annual income of the of the concerned student.



14.Entry-in- Service :


Bidhan Chandra College conducts coaching classes for "Entry in Services" (A UGC sponsored project) for SC/ST/OBC and minority community students belonging to the college having the expertise of internal and external.

The College, probably the only one in Hooghly District, has started his journey with a moderate number of 280 needy college students since November 2016

Convenor: Prof Shawli Roy Basu

Joint Convenor: Prof Chinmoy Mishra and Mr. Arup Bijali (Librarian)


Science Club:

A Science Club was set up in order to grow scientific temporment among the students. Activities of Science Club is to organize seminars, workshops, science exhibitions and celebrate science related activities.  


Amrita Devi Eco Club:

Eco Club was set up in order to grow environment related awareness among the students. Activities of Eco Club is to organize seminars, workshops related to environment and plantation.  


Popular Lecture:


Popular lecture is organized by Research-Sub-Committee of the College in the Seminar Hall in every month on popular and important recent issues/ topics. The lecture is delivered by the faculty members of different departments of the College.


Lecture for Feb, 2017: "Advanced application of nanotechnology" by Dr. Sovan Kumar Panda, Department of Electonics


Lecture for March, 2017: "Demonitization and its impact on our economy" by Prof. Ratula Chakraborty, Department of Economics


Lecture for April, 2017: "French Revolution" By Dr. Samindra Mohan Biswas, Department of History


Lecture for August, 2017: "White Caller Crime" By Dr. Suvojit Ghosh, Department of Commerce


Lecture for Sept, 2017: "World war II" by Dr. Samindra Mohan Biswas, Department of History


Lecture for Nov, 2017: "Cybernatic Psychology" by Prof. Sanjoy Sarkar, Department of Education


Lecture for March, 2018: "Impact of Internet & social Networking" by Prof. Unmesh Mondal, Department of Computer science


Lecture for July, 2018: "Inter textuality: connecting literatre & cinema" by Prof. P. K. Basu, Department of English


Lecture for the month of August, 2018: :From quarks to the cosmos" by Prof. Soumya Saha, Department of Physics


Lecture for September, 2018: "Geosophy and ecosophy"by Prof. Argha Saha, Department of Geography


Lecture for February, 2019: "An empirical analysis of the Ebola out break in Africa" by Dr. Abdul Khaleque, Department of Physics


Lecture for March, 2019: "Kashmir: where do we go" by Dr. Samindra Mohan Biswas, Department of History


Lecture for August, 2019: "Rabindranath o Swami Vivekananda: Swakhatkar o Samporka" by Prof. Chaitali Ghosh, Department of Philosophy


Lecture for January, 2020: "Dupka Bhasa o Sanskriti" by Dr. Sukanta Mukhopadhyay, Department of Bengali

Lecture for August, 2022: "The Crisis of Human Security in Sri Lanka: Implecations for India", by Prof. Debtanu Majee, Department of Political Science