The Career & Counseling Cell of Bidhan Chandra College,Rishra, sponsored by U.G.C. under the 11th plan period,was operative fromJuly 2012, with Prof Madhusree Chatterjee, Asst. Prof. in Philosophy, as its co-ordinator. The objective of the cell was to unfold the career opportunities of its students and instil confidence in them to face the challenging professional world.Inspite of the constraint in time an extensive programme for the benefit of the students was set up, which are as follows:

  • The 5-day programme Counselling on Stress Management was conducted by counsellors from Centre for Counselling Services and Studies in Self Development, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, on (24.8.12, 7.9.12, 8.9.12,14.9.12, 15.9.12),  to enable our students to identify the areas of their stress, overcome the stresses with the help of professional guidance and thereby ensure an unhindered self-development.
  • Career Counselling for B.Com students was conducted by Prof. Asish Mitra, Prof.-in-charge Career Oriented Programme, St Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Prof.Mitra unfolded the different avenues of professional career that are accessible after graduating with a commerce degree.
  • Parallel to or alternative to an academic career one can also opt for non academic career, with this idea in mind the programme Career Counselling for Anchoring & Audio Acting was organized. This programme was conducted by Shri Jagannath Bose, ex-station director of Kolkata Doordarshan, eminent elocutionist, audio actor & trainer.

The Cell is again operative w.e.f. 1. 4.15 with Prof. Madhusree Chatterjee, as its co-ordinator and two senior teachers of English Department Prof. Asis Kumar Pan and Prof. Prabir Kanti Basu as advisory members. The following programme has been organised by the cell in 2015-16 session:

  • Even before the formal formation of the cell A Motivational Camp for the Differently abled Students of the college, as well as neighbouring institutions, was organized by the college in collaboration with The Centre for Counselling Services and Studies in Self Development (CCSSS), Jadavpur University, Kolkata,on 28th February,2015, to enable the students to overcome the challenges faced by them in a more confident way. As students of neighbouring colleges and inmates of Voices of the World, a home for blind students were also invited to participate in this programme, this programme was also conceived as an extension activity, which the college frequently undertakes.
  •  A Stress Management Session for Non- teaching Staff of college was conducted by counsellors from The Centre for Counselling Services and Studies in Self Development (CCSSS), Jadavpur University, Kolkata, on 10.9.15, with a motive to motivate and de-stress the staff, one of the main pillars of college, who bears physical and  mental stress to ensure a smooth functioning of college.
  • A Career Counselling Sessionfor B.Com students of day and evening sections on Career in Share Marketwas conducted by Mr.Rudra Prasad Dutta, an expert in Bombay Stock Exchange, on 29.9.15, who showed the prospect of developing a career in that field.
  • Career Counselling on Soft Skill Development was conducted by PankajJha, centre co-ordinator, BrainwareSerampore on 30.9.15, emphasising the necessity of acquiring soft skills for competency in the professional world.
  • An Online Psychometric Test was conducted from 23.2.16-3.3.16, as designed by,to guide students on their career prospects.
  • APsychological Counselling Session was conducted by ‘Setu’: a social organisation, comprising of counsellors, psychologists and Professors of Jadavpur University  on 12.3.16who guided students on improvement of mental health, addressed their problems through general counselling session and also had a very confidential, intensive,personalcounselling session. The impact of this programme on the students was writ large on their faces. ‘Setu’ has entered into collaboration with the college to provide such service round the year, as proposed by the college.