Department of English was established in 1957 (General); 1995 (Honours). The department offers under graduate courses - B.A (General and Honors) with Part I, Part II and Part III, CBCS  3 and 4 years UG Hons and General (B.A and B. Sc.)  Part-I, Part-II and Part- III, CBCS and CCF systems as per Calcutta University norm.


The department holds midterm and test examinations in all three respective parts.


Faculty members:

Mr. Prabir Kanti Basu(Associate Professor)

Mr. Asis Kumar Pan (Guest Professor)

MS. Sunandita Sarker (Assistant Professor)

Mrs. Shaptaparna Saha (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Abir Sen (SACT)



Department organizes:

Seminar on Shakespeare’s sonnets and modern poetry especially Ted Hughes, 6th January 2016

Educational tour to Historical places of Kolkata in December 2015

Department also organizes students’ seminars, Webinars, quiz contests and online MCQ test


Departmental Seminar


A Students’ Seminar on “Theatre of the Absurd and Samuel Beckett” organized by the Department of English on 10/07/2021 at 10:30 AM. Platform: Google Meet