1.     Faculty members-
    1. Dr LakshmanChandra Pal (Asstt Professor)
    2. Dr. Argha Saha (Asst. Prof)
    3. Prof Pabitra Bhattacharjya (Guest)

         4. Laboratory facilities                  I   GIS Lab (Shared with Computer Science)

                                                          II   Geography Lab equipped with-

                                                                      1. Computers

                                                                      2. Prismatic Compass

                                                                      3. Dumpy Level

                                                                     4. Soil Testing Kit

                                                                     5. Topo sheet

                                                                   6. Satellite Imagery

                                                                  7. Aerial Photographs

                                                                  8. Stereoscope (Mirror and Pocket)

                                                                 9. Rocks and Minerals

       5.  Activities-               1. Excursion is done every year for 3rd Year Hons and 2nd year General courses

                                             2.  Quiz competition is done frequently

                                             3. Wall Magazine is published regularly