Department of Electronics


Dr. Sovan Kumar Panda (Assistant Professor)



The department has well equipped laboratory for Analog & Digital Electronics and Microprocessor practicals. Computer Science Honours students also share this laboratory for their Hardware practicals. 

The department also has a Nanomaterial Processing Research Laboratoy with the following equipment facilities:


Hot Air Oven 

Microbalance (0.1 mg resolution)

Heater with magnetic stirrer

pH meter

UV cabinet (365 nm, 256 nm sources)

UV-VIS-NIR spectrophoto meter

Chiller (up to 5 Degree)

Furnace (800 Degree C)

DC Power supply (60V, 3A)

I-V measurement facility



Computational and other Facilities: Computers, Printer-scanner-copier, LCD projector based class room, Wi-Fi Internet facility for research students. 


Research Project:

Name of the Project: INSPIRE Faculty Project

Project Title: Fabrication of vertically aligned Si nanowire array for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)-based sensors.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sovan Kumar Panda (INSPIRE Faculty Awardee)

Funding Agency: DST, New Delhi

Status: Completed (upto 23/12/2018)

Research Grant: 35 Lakh (@7Lakh/year for 5 years)


Research group: 

Research Staff: Ms. Indrani Guha

Supervisor: Dr. S. K. Panda


Other Activities:

Students from Department of Electronics participated in various events including Model Exhibition, Quiz contest of Bongiyo Bigyan Utsav which was held at Chandernagore College on 17-18 Feb, 2015

One day Educational Tour at Science City Kolkata was held on 13th March, 2015

Documentary show on 'Recent Developments in Science and Technology', 15/03/2016 at 12:00 noon

Science Exhibition at College campus from 26th to 28th Feb, 2018

One Day National Seminar on 'Nanotechnology' on 29/01/2019