Department of Commerce (Evening Department) was established in 1960. (Hons.) in Accounting & Finance and B.Com (Gen) was introduced in the year 1960. Now the department offers Hons & General courses with CBCS System as per university of Calcutta norm. It is indeed the largest department of the college. The department secures a number of 1st classes in the final examination of University of Calcutta in every year.

Faculty members:

Mr. Sadhunath Kundu, (Associate Professor)

Mr. Nityalal Sen (Associate Professor)

Mr. Partha Manna (SACT)

Mr. Krishna Sarkar (SACT)

Mrs. Rimpi Saha (SACT)

Ms. Sucheta Chakraborty  (SACT)           

Mr. Abir Sen (SACT)

Mrs. Piyali Chakraborty (SACT)

Mr. Anjay Kumar Singh (SACT)

Mrs. Apala Ghosh (SACT)


Computer Facilities: Facilities available in Computer Lab for Hons’ and General students from 1st semester to 6th (final) semester.

Other Activities: The Department has arranged few workshops on Investors' Protection and Securities Market in collaboration with National Stock Exchange.

  • In 2015, the Department has also organised a National Seminar on "EMERGING ISSUES IN ACCOUNTING & FINANCE."
  • In 2020, The department has also organised International Seminar on “GLOBAL PANDEMIC AND ITS IMPACT ON TOURISING OF AVIATION INDUSTRY: A WAY TO LOOK  FORWARD“
  • In 2020, The department has also organised national Seminar on “BEHAVIOUR OF STOCK MARKETS DURING THE PANDEMIC:  STRATEGIES FOR NEVIGATING THE  FUTURE.”
  • The Department has also organised QUIZ ,DEBATE and many more activities for students in every year.