Dr. Abdul Khaleque, M.Sc. Ph.D. (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Soumya Saha, M.Sc. (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Masud Karim Sarkar (Contractual-Whole-Time-Teacher)


The department has well equipped laboratory for non-electronics, electronics, optics, electrical and heat related practicals.The department also has a dark room for light related practical.

Departmental library: The department has a departmental library contains 44 books on mathematical physics, electronics, mechanics, current electricity, practical physics and modern physics.

Computer facilities:  The department has computers, printers;   pen drive, internet, and it share a smart room for power point presentation.

Other activities: Students from department of physics participated in various events including, sports, model exhibition, quiz competition of Bongiyo Bigyan Utsav which was held at Chandannagore College on 17-18 February, 2015.

One day educational tour at science city Kolkata was held on 13th march, 2015