Computer Science


Mr. Unmesh Mandal, (Assistant Professor)

Prof. Apurba Jyoti Roy (Part Time Teacher)

Dr. Gautam Das (Guest Faculty)

Dr. Sovan Kumar Panda (Assistant Professor)


Laboratory :

 The Department has two Computer laboratories and one hardware laboratory. Each laboratory is equipped with 13 computers . Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Electronics and Commerce share these laboratories. The hardware laboratory is shared by Computer Science (Hons.) and Electronics (Gen.) students.


Other Activities :

Students from Department of Computer Science participated in various events as follows :

  • Two days Science Exhibition at College Campus in the year 2012
  • Departmental Wall Magazine ‘Wall of Knowledge’ published in October, 2012
  •  Model Exhibition and Quiz Contest of Bongiyo Bigyan Utsav which was held at Chandannagar College on 17th-18th February, 2015
  • One day Educational Tour at Science City, Kolkata on  13th March, 2015
  • Departmental Wall Magazine ‘Wall of Knowledge’ published in Feb, 2016